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Cam Chain Tensioner Recall Canada

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Was contacted by my Yamaha dealer "Canada" today -- service guy -- my 2015 FJ-09 has a recall to replace the Cam Chain tensioner (CCT) , service guy said not enough oil is getting to it which causes its failures/issues -- this is the reason it has been modified; Sorry if this is old news to most...
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Does it need to be making a noise? or are they replacing all of them?
I think it's a Dealer by dealer decision? Mine wasn't making noise. My Dealer did the swap with no questions asked. They just took my VIN and said bring it in. I decided to be proactive. When I did the swap the new one made some noise when cold but that seems ( throws salt over shoulder) to have settled down. So far I really like my Dealer. This is my first purchase from them and I'll be going back in the future.
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ON reading about the CCT recall on this forum in Canada, I went to my dealer and had him check it out. The recall is only if it is noisy so the part has been ordered for my FJ 2015. It has been noisy infrequently but get the new part while under warranty. Thanks to the members for the heads up.
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Just got a call from my dealer tonight for my 2016. For the CCT also apparently.
I'm actually very happy that my dealer called for that as I had issues with it. I've had the noise last multiple days/weeks and then stopping altogether three times now. I'm going there on november 7th.
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When I went in to get my dash replaced under warranty I asked about the CCT and the mech told me that there is no recall for them and will be replaced on a case by case basis. Guess I might contact Yamaha and ask if a notice will be issued. If anyone gets a recall notice from Yamaha please let us know.
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I have seen the service notice posted somewhere on this forum and it applies to less than 2k potential effected fj-09 early early serial bikes...it's not a recall...it's done on case by case basis for listed bike serial numbers because not all 2k are bad...just have your dealership run your VIN thru Yamaha and see if it's potentially effected serial number... The FZ-09 had like 10k potentially effected serial numbers...
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Just got a call from my dealer tonight for my 2016. For the CCT also apparently....
Did they call you just for the CCT, or as part of other work? Good on them for taking action.
just for the CCT. She mentionned that it was for a recall, but maybe she used that word to simplify things. I asked if it was for the CCT as I had issues, or at least a noise that I attributed to that without investigating properly, with mine. She said yes after I translated the words in french haha.  
So I'll see what it is on the 7th, I'll try to remember to post relevant information that I may get while being there.  
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Too funny that Yamaha, in what appears to be an effort to save face? They continue to push the "Same" basic flawed design that fails.
And they all fail. It is ONLY a matter of time. It's not if your stock CCT will fail, it's when.
Could be 100k, could be day one. Mine on my 2014 FZ09 went with a screeetch noise and a locked up rear tire. Nearly tossed me off the bike, and did it right when I'd just passed an angry Ford F350 Turbo Diesel truck who was spooling up on my butt.
What is the ONLY fix that will result in the lowest possible wear and tear on your cam timing chain tensioner?
A manual unit. You set it, and forget it for 10,000 miles or more. Change your oil like normal, and you should really never wear it out. The sliders are designed to allow the chain to stay on the right teeth, and not flop around and make noise. But they are not so tight that the slider material wears out in any normal use of the motorcycle.
Folks have gone hundreds of thousands of miles on these same basic designs, not just with Yamaha, but all engines that use nylon 66 material as the slider. It's cheap, and effective. The only way to avoid them would be a hydraulic roller sprocket, and that's heavy, complicated and expensive compared to the tension sliders that work just fine anyway.
The problem is the CCT can fail, and will fail with wear. The little machined grooves that have to catch and keep the tension correct, and are designed to "notch" tighter as that normal wear happens can FAIL. And when they do, they can fail tighter and tighter and tighter and then guess what?
Your nylon 66 slider is debris in your engine. And your cam timing chain is now running against the aluminum backing support for the nylon slider.. And that is bad. Causes shaved metal to be pushed around your engine with the oil. It creates heat from friction and you can have parts get so hot, and so much friction, that it does like my engine, and LOCKS UP THE ENGINE. Sliding the rear tire.
And it will do this at speed, when you have enough RPM to get the heat and friction to cause the lock up. Slide your rear tire without you planning on it at 70mph... It's no fun.
So, Yamaha, just do the right thing.
Put out a recall on this flawed design, don't F'k with our valve cover, and oil system.
Just put a cheap MANUAL CCT in there, and call it good. (You do it with valves.. When they wear, you have to shim them to regain the right tolerance.. Why not do the same with a simple manual CCT, that you "adjust" when it becomes out of tolerance in 10, 20, 50 or 80 thousand miles.?????)
IF you want to avoid this yourself, Graves and APE sell manual adjusters for this very solution. Put one in, set it, and forget it.
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