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Sold the FZ8 drove the FZ09 and considering the FJ09 BR,LA


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Ah yes, the sellers remorse of selling my 2011 FZ8 that I bought brand new in 2012. Loved the bike, the style, the riding position and the all gloss black coloring, pretty much had It modded out exactly how I wanted it and then sold it. I test drove the FZ-09 last year, before the ECU flash came out and thought the power was a bit to abrupt and the skinny super moto seating wasn’t the best fit for what I was looking for a 50 mile a day commuter back and forth to work. (Cough) Well in reality I never used the FZ8 as a commuter either, more so for bouncing around to blues bands, twin peaks and pool rooms on nights which included binge drinking and debauchery. So now that I’m all grown up the FJ caught my eye. Could this really be used as a commuter, would I take longer trips out of town? So I test drove one. Love the stock seating/handlebar egro’s, wind protection, 2 up comfort and the idea of traction control/abs. Not that I have ever needed it in 15 years of riding but I like the idea of hammering on the throttle coming out of turns, and a bit faster of wet weather riding. The more I read, the more I like. I’m strongly considering a purchase this weekend.
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Guest eatpasta
right on! well pull the trigger man and make sure to send up pics.
For many of us, this is looking like its going to be a perfect bike and im sure it pretty much will be perfect for whatever you throw at it
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