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Dealer/independent repair shop recommendation - NYC/LI

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New to FJ-09 and this board.  I'm chasing an electrical problem in my '15 FJ - Yamaha LED trun signals not working.  If I'm unable to get this fixed myself, I'll need to get to an "expert".  Have called two dealers so far and still need to find a resource that I feel I can trust.  No need for a rant here, but the responses from the dealers I've spoken with leaves a lot to be desired.  I've spent  a substantial number of years working in large m/c dealerships and understand the challenges that dealers face just to stay in business and make a living.  That being said, good customer service is the foundation on which the business needs to be built if the owners expect long term success.
So, if anyone has a recommendation for a professional repair source in NYC or Nassau County I'd really appreciate it.
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