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Exhaust and other Mods for 2015 FJ

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Hello from Texas..!
I wanted to get the opinion of those with experience on what the best overall mods are for our bikes...?
For example:
1.) Best aftermarket exhaust..?
2.) Best power commander..?
3.) Is suspension worth replacing..?
4.) Is there a flash that eliminates the 112 MPH top speed..?
5.) Rear brake feels pretty squishy....Anyone made any improvements to theirs...?
6.) Are there aftermarket seats worth the $$ (the stock seat feels a little uncomfortable after 100+ miles)
I have the matte grey finish, and am more than happy with the aesthetics and lines of the stock bike, so not really interested in "improvements" that are only visual, but ANY other information related to performance and handling will be greatly appreciated...!!
Thank you all very much....!!
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Flash - 2WheelDyno - they are a forum sponsor and can fix the top end speed and a whole lot more to make your bike ride really nice
Seat - I like the Corbin, but others are fond of the Sargent - this is very subjective, and everyone has their own opinion
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This may sound really stupid, David, but I'll admit, I have very little experience working on motorcycles. Is the ECU something I would remove, and ship to the place you mentioned...or would they need the bike also, to test it...? Sorry, man......I'm a pig looking at a clock in terms of working on motorcycles....
Another question that came to mind.......do you know what top speed would be expected, after having it flashed...? 
I don't intend to routinely ride at speeds over 112 MPH, but it's just a little annoying to spend the $$ on a bike that has set forth limitations.........maybe it's my OCD....
Thanks, again!
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I found the stock suspension lacking even after setting it up properly. I got the fork reworked by Matt and a Hyperpro shock.
OTOH I feel no need for a louder exhaust.
A Madstaad screen and KTM handguards greatly improved the wind flow.
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