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Hello from Iowa


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Hello All,
I own a 15 FJR. This past weekend my wife and I rode to a Yamaha demo event and ended up bringing home a red FJ-09 for my wife. She is very happy with the bike. I thought the bike was great. After I rode the demo bike my comment to her was that the mirrors suck, but I love the growl of the triple and it is a blast to ride. So I have few questions for you all.
The bike has to have mirror extenders IMO to make them at all useful. Any suggestions in this department?
Dealer informed us that there is a recall on the CCT, but it wasn't a stop ride issue. They didn't have the part on hand, but they claimed they would get it ordered for us and do it at the break in service. The dealer claimed that the failure was only on bikes that had been ridden hard on the track and my wife wouldn't have  a problem in the mean time (yadda yadda yadda bunch of BS). Do you all recommend that I use Yamaha's recall part or purchase an aftermarket manual tensioner?
When it comes to the break-in service, do I HAVE to let Yamaha do it in order to protect my warranty? I am very mechanically inclined. I am more than capable of changing the oil and doing a full safety check of the bike at 600 miles. I don't see why I should have to shell out $400-500 to the dealer for them to change my oil and tell me I'm good to ride.
Any other mechanical or safety issues I should be aware of?
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Hi nsmiller,
Adventure Tech who is a supporting vendor of the forum, sells some mirror extenders that work pretty nicely.   I will admit I didn't buy mine from them, but the ones I have are identical: [url=]http://www.adventuretech.biz/yamaha-mirror-extenders.html[/url]
About the CCT there is a thread about the TSB, in there some people are proponents of just getting a manual tensioner. I had my dealer get me the new auto-tensioner and had it installed.
The break-in service is an oil change and throttle body synchronization, (and checking fasteners and stuff).  It won't void your warrenty if you do it yourself.  If you have a carb/throttle body synchronization tool, the break in service is easy, there are a few threads on here about it including pictures. I think the only part that it was nice to have a 2nd person for was re-seating the gas tank, but other than that it is a one person job.
Anyway welcome.
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2nd what crazyivan says, adventure tech mirror extensions are great, I have a pair on my Fj-09. Break-in service calls for a throttle body synch, but if the bike is idling fine, many skip it. The synch isn't hard to do if you have the tool, but you have to pull the tank and all the trim to get to it. I skipped mine, and it's still running fine at 4K miles.
Welcome to the board, I'm sure your wife will love the fj-09
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