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Question about adjusting steering alignment


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My steering is ever so slightly out of alignment.  Pretty sure it's always been this way since I bought it and it's just minimal enough that I haven't noticed.
Regarding the process for adjusting - loosening the lower fork pinch bolts is simple enough.  The part I don't understand is what I need to do with the main steering stem nut, specifically because of this bit from the torque specs thread:
Steering Stem Nut:
In order of Assembly:
Lower: 52 Nm / 38 ft-lbf, then loosen completely, then 18 Nm / 13 ft-lbf
Cap: 110 Nm / 80 ft-lbf
The videos I've seen on the subject either seem to not loosen the steering stem at all, or they only loosen the top cap.  Can I get away with just loosening the top cap - or not touching it at all?
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Don't touch it at all, just loosen the upper and lower clamp bolts that secure the outer fork tubes to the upper and lower triple clamp.
The procedure you listed above (and the torque values) are for adjusting the Steering Stem Bearings. An entirely different thing.
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Hey just wanted to update that I finally got around to doing this and it work great.
Loosened the lower fork clamps only, gave the front suspension a few gentle bounces while on the center stand, retorqued bolts to 17 lb/ft and it's good.
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