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Are aftermarket levers the same or are they bike specific?

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My apologies for this newbie question - but really wondering if after market levers can be used on another bike? I've been considering getting some for the FJ and they are rather pricey @ $300ish a set in AU. If I decide to sell the bike, can I swap them to be used on a Suzuki / Honda or are levers bike specific only? i.e may work with an MT-10, R1 etc but something within Yamaha or only FJ-09/MT-09 and nothing else and each bike is specific?
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Generally, there's some overlap. The amount of overlap varies by clutch and brake side and manufacturer. Try to find the application catalog for the brand of lever you are considering. For example you can look at Pazzo's site and note the clutch and brake lever part numbers: http://www.pazzoracing.com/guide.html. The last item is brake/clutch part numbers. You can see from the below the brake is the same on FJ and FZ 09s but not clutch. 
FJ-09/MT-09 Tracer 2015-2016 (F-16/V-4)
FZ-09/MT-09/SR (Not FJ-09) 2014-2016 (F-16/Y-688)
You can scan the rest of the list for where the FJ parts overlap.
Hi @gotfz1, thank you for that :D Makes so much sense with the catalog numbers :) Much appreciated mate
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