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Lumimoto Seat Cover

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So most new seat options for the FJ are pretty expensive. I kinda wanted to do my own seat cover, but found that that sewing one together was a bit outside my skillset. Well, Lumimoto offers a really nice looking cover for about $150. Thought I'd give it a shot.
The cover is custom made and took a few weeks to arrive, but it did and looked nice. Well stitched & it matched the aesthetics of the bike. Not just wanting a new cover, I wanted a seat that would be better for the long haul, so I ordered a memory-foam bath mat and trimmed it to match the top of my stock saddle and then stapled the new seat cover- right over the old one. Figured if I FUBAR'd the install, I could back out if needed.
Took more trimming (of the bath mat)  than I anticipated & I wish the Lumimoto seat cover were slightly larger, it went on pretty easy with one person and a really good staple gun. Not too bad for a hack.
Going on a weekend trip, so I'll get to try the new saddle and report back.
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Does it just slip over the existing seat cover or do you have to remove it??

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Well, it IS better than stock with the little extra memory foam. Not all-day comfy, but def an improvement.
You don't have to remove the stock cover (I left mine on) and just stapled this one over the stock cover.
And yes- now I need to get the passenger cover..... Ha ha!
I do love how the cover looks.
Just came back from a very long 1/2 road, 1/2 dirt ride. The new seat is legit.
I'll post up more on the ride (incl pics) when I get home.
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Update: So for $150, the seat looks much nicer and I need to do the passenger seat now. Looks odd with just one seat done.
Definitely more comfy than the stocker. The Lumimoto cover doesn't come with much extra material, so extra padding on the seat is tough. I think what I did with the memory foam is as much as you can do with one of those. I like it, but I still get sore on long rides. Maybe I'm just extra sensitive! But no really, it IS an improvement for not a lot of cash and work. With a good, quality staple gun, it's easy to slap this on.
Plus, it looks better! It's still a little grippy (suede top) for 'spirited' riding, but I have adjusted to lifting a little higher off the seat, versus just sliding from side-to-side.
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