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New Corbin saddle

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I don't exactly dig how the look meshes with the overall aesthetics of the bike, but man, the saddle looks comfy :D!
I can understand what you mean as far as aesthetics, however, I actually think the mass of the seat balances the bike front and back.... But, like everything.......... beauty is subjective. I do prefer the one seat pan. It solidifies the feel and like others have said.... makes you feel more connected to the bike. I use the FJ for Sport Touring with a greater emphasis on Touring so the Corbin is perfect for me. Its 34 degrees today with a humidex of 41 soooooooooo not exactly trying out the heat yet.  
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Enough about the aesthetics, do you like the comfort of the seat?
Absolutely YES! In full disclosure, I have had 2 Corbins over the years that I was disappointed in....... one was on a H-D Dyna and the other was on a KLR650 (had it replaced and replacement was fine).  
Why do I like it...... again...... I use the FJ for Sport Touring (60% touring) so I wanted a seat replacement that had the strengths of support. My biggest complaint of the stock seat for the rider was that it seems too narrow...... like I'm riding a 2x4. The Corbin has just that extra little bit of width that makes it truly feel like a saddle and no parts of your arse are being compromised.
So for me the extra width was a major plus. But could it be a deterent for those of a more sporting use....... I don't think so. It still has enough "cut" nearing the front that it doesn't compromise putting your legs down or flexibility of movement. Actually the exact opposite...... I find with this seat I have more fore and aft and versatility of a comfort spot.
The second major plus is the solidness of the one seat pan. This seat is rock solid and makes you feel more connected to the bike, IMHO. I can't understand others opinions of not wanting a single seat....... that they want a dual seat config. For me the Yamaha stocker's weakness, besides being made with crap materials, was the fact that there was a disconnect from front to back, and the seat was not "planted" to the bike. Again, this is a huge plus.
Another plus (which I didnt take advantage of) is the versatility of design. With all the materials, colour combinations, etc...... you can really make it personalized. I chose to go with all black leather with no trim because I was going for subtle, subtle, subtle.
Heat.... haven't used it yet (dog days of August still) but I do like to ride my bike in the cold so this will be a plus. I initially wasnt going to order it but then I thought....... you're paying big $$$ anyways..... dont go half arsed.
And lastly..... the bolster behind your tailbone as another "being supported" feel..... on the stock I would sometimes slide back and touch the rear seat and it just felt like it was poking me. The Corbin is an improvement in that feel too.
I have not a single regret with this purchase and IMHO, there isn't a better seat on the market for our bikes. If anyone wants a stock seat front and rear........ cheap....... just PM me.
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Yes, the Corbin's bumpers are placed exactly at the same points on the subframe as the 2 stock seats do. When you take the seats off you will see almost little cutouts in the side panels........ that is where the bumpers rest on the frame tubes on the Corbin and the stocker. The Corbin's front tab also fits under the bottom high slot at the front. I had to place a couple of washers under the latching tab on the Corbin, initially, as others have done, so that it latches ok but now that it is breaking in I may remove those shims and go back the the original latch setup. I can only surmise that as the pan "settles" that the latching finds its home..... so to speak.
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We ordered a Corbin for the FJ-09 in anticipation of the Saddle Sore 1000 we completed this summer. Identical to the one pictured minus the backrest. We contacted Corbin and had them add a layer of softer foam. It made the seat a tad higher but my son never complained once about the seat in 16+ hours of riding. We are adding a set of Rox risers to compensate for the altered seat/bar position with the Corbin installed. The stock Corbin is significantly more firm and does sit lower. If you comfortable with the stock seat/bar position I don't think risers would be required.
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I had a Corbin on an SV650S that was a spectacular improvement from stock.
I have been OK with the stock seat so far. Longest ride was 7 hours with a stop for pictures stretching etc every 2 hours or so. My rear was definitely getting sore by the end. My bigger complaint than comfort is the feel of the seat/materials. The vinyl cover looks/feels cheap and the latching mechanism doesn't feel all that secure.
I have been debating between the Corbin and the Sargent. Initially I was turned off by the Corbin's looks. Over time the width of the Sargent aesthetically has started to bother me more and more and I have grown to appreciate the look of the Corbin.
Especially after your review, I think a heated Corbin is in my future. Thanks for the enabling!
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I have Corbin seat as well, it was more comfortable than the stock seat right out of the box, but after some miles, it really softens up and feels much better. The more I ride it, the more I like it.
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