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Hello from Southern Ontario


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Today I updated my avatar after made a couple posts, I realized that I have not made my first intro post so here goes.  I live within a few miles of Lake Ontario's north shore, pretty much equidistant between the locations 2 of the nuclear reactors providing base line power to the Province.
I was nuts about bikes from grade school onward, first road bike being a 196x Yamaha 305 Big Bear Scrambler, later a one year old 1968 Triumph Bonneville.  A long hiatus and got back into it in '03 with a Sportster 1200C, traded it for a Road Glide, and added and switched at various times SV650A, a DRZ400SM, a KTM 525, an 84 750 Nighthawk, a 198x Honda Hawk GT 650 and the longest lasting bike being a K8 Suzuki DL1000. 
A few years ago I had the V-Strom and the Harley in the garage and was only riding out on the V-Strom, so I sold the Harley.  I had been collecting Yamaha XS 650's in preparation for retirement and have been successful in that quest.  I may have one of them ready to ride by Labour Day. My avatar is my favorite, a 77D with factory "Bountiful Blue" tins, mocked up as if it did not have a pencil sized hole in the piston.
This spring I read about the new Yamaha triple, saw a FZ-09 ridden this spring in Georgia at a 650 Rally and started my research.  Ended up buying a new black FJ-09 in late May after I sold the V-Strom.  Even for an old guy, I am completely over the moon with this machine!  It's as if the old DRZ got an extra 60 hp and another gear and stayed the same weight!  I've been pretty slack on getting the miles on it, so far just over 4500 km, but the bike ticks all the boxes except for a comfy ride.  The motor is a joy, never had a triple before don't know why I waited so long.  Got trips to PA and maybe the XS 650 Rally at the Iron Horse and maybe the 650 chop off in Defiance so should get that mileage thing taken care of!
My plans include some light touring: to that end I ordered and installed the Givi Monokey mounts so I may use the Givi bags I had on the V-Strom.  Funny that when I put those 46 l ones on the Yamaha, they look more compact than on the V-Strom, maybe because they are tighter to the frame.  Also removed the passenger pegs, added the Moto tech engine guards with LED driving lights, a fuse box expansion, factory bar warmers, Givi top box mount, Garmin GPS power source, heated vest tap and a fenda extenda.  I am done for now, but I am going to see a suspension expert to see if I can get it set up so it is not so stiff on the bumps.  Thanks for your time if you are still reading.
I will add some pictures if I do not have to create and remember 6 new passwords.
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