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SOCAL Heads up - Newport Bch Trap


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From OC Register 8/24 -
"The Newport Beach Police Department will conduct a motorcycle safety enforcement operation Friday with extra patrols in areas most frequented by motorcyclists. The locations were not released."
Louis Casiano 714 796 2478
In my opinion, this is profiling and selective enforcement at its worst. I doubt if they'll have a "sports car safety enforcement operation", or one for oversized pickup trucks, etc.
If you agree, please share this with other riders and forums, and boycott Newport Beach and let them know about it. We've been fighting "Motorcycle Inspection" stop points nationally, now this.
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I thought the state declared these kinds of roadside stops illegal?
I doubt if they'll have distinct "stop points", but extra cars and bikes will be looking for you to go 3 over the limit, change lanes without a signal or leave your signal on a little too long, go through a stale yellow, make a rude gesture to a cage that cut you off, or anything else they can use to justify their effort. They will have statistics to support the need for more of this activity, watch. PCH can be full of situations that cause you to make a quick action to protect yourself but may not be absolutely legal. 
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They are probably looking to cut down on stunting on public streets, excessively loud pipes, and drunk riders. Just check your bike, have the correct paper work, respectful attitude, and you shouldn't have any problems. But I will avoid Newport Beach this weekend. Thanks for the warning.
Complaints from general public and business owners generally cause these checks.
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One thing for certain is they aren't about motorcycle safety. If that was the concern they'd be addressing the failure to yield by non-motorcycles that are involved in over half of all motorcycle accidents. 
That's what lawyers do, after the accident.
 Driver education, rider education, and rider training would do far more.
Yea, that will make the ricer stunters keep both wheels on the ground and make the Harley riders change back to quiet stock pipes.

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