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Southern Ontario Meet


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  • 4 weeks later...
Hey did this meet and greet thing fall off the rails?
Could still make it a fall colours thing, maybe meet up in Coboconk or Bobcaygeon, These are just random east of Simcoe locations(to appease our eastern allies), you don't like them then throw your idea into the ring.
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I am still interested. Just came back from my trip to Nova Scotia.
Random east of Simcoe is good for me :)
Is Oct 15th a good date for this?

...tentatively, yes... and weather permitting. You plan the meetup location and route as I am not familiar with the area. I will be doing Grand River and Lake Erie (to Port Burwell) this Saturday. 
I have to confirm with my planning department tomorrow.  ;)
Weather permitting, I'm in too.
FJ-09, 690 Enduro R.
Back Roads. Period.
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Has an intersect point been determined as of yet.
Im trying to juggle some thing around so that I can attend.
Could end up being a great weekend(weather permitting) cause the other group that I belong too are having our annual fall brekkie meet on Sunday in Muskoka
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  • 7 months later...
Would love to be able to attend but wife is buying a new truck and she wants me present for moral support.
Have a great ride, I really enjoy the roads up in that area especially the #7 off of 118 which becomes the #632 up to Rousseau/141
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