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Greetings from Daphne, Alabama


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I just picked up a leftover 2015 FJ-09 on Saturday. It's the red one because I heard it's faster. This is the second bike I've owned. I'm coming from a 2012 NC700x that was very good to me over the last 4 years. It was the first motorcycle I had ever been on and was a great bike for me to start out and learn on.
But it became pretty boring over the last year. The NC700 redlined at 6k so it's been engrained in me to shift around 3k-4K. So needless to say, the FJ has been very thrilling so far although I'm still in the break in period. I'm looking forward to it.
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Welcome aboard, and congrats on the bike. You will like the bike, and look around on the forum, there are lots of ideas on how to get your bike the way you want it.
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