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Adjust Stock Handlebar Clamps for More Comfort?


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A 2015 review of our favorite bike mentions that "the handlebar clamps can be reversed to allow around a half inch farther reach."
I looked all around the handlebar risers and clamps of my 2016 model and can't see any way to reverse or adjust the bars/clamps with the stock equipment.
I poked around the forum looking for some information, but saw nothing. Can anyone shed light on this? I would like some adjustability in the bars if possible.
Thanks, PFJohns
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There are four screws holding the handle bar to the bike.  Remove them.  Then flip the riser posts 180 degrees so that the front bolt hole is now the back bolt hole, and the back one now the front.  You will notice that the cutout for the bar is not centered on the riser posts.  Now reattach the bar and you are good to go.  Take care to control the handle bar during this process so you don't drop it on the gas tank and scratch things up.
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