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NorCal Long Weekend and Traxxion

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Thanks for sharing Jon, it looks like it was great weekend.
Question for you. Where and how did you mount the camera in the beginning when it was down low?
2015 Heeled by the hands of Nel's @ 2WheelDynoworks
K-Tech forks and shock
lots of other expensive unimportant stuff.
The "Ex" 2003 FZ1
Ride more, worry less.
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Great report and very familiar with those roads from my Sacramento days, thanks. Are you liking the Piug? Trying to decide between the Piug, V-stream or Parabellum.
The Puig works great for me. I look just over it in normal riding which is my preference. Keeps the buffeting and bugs off. I am 5'8 with 29" inseam and alligator arms.
Thanks for the feedback.  Seems most owner of the Piug like them. 
2015 FJ-09 Red of course :)
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Thanks for the great ride report. I know the roads and the breweries... but which motel was that in Tahoe?
I also have the Traxxion suspension and am also a fan... Have also added the Madstad wind screen and KTM hand gards. Hated both the stock windscreen and hand gards.
I love this bike now. It is light, fast, powerful and with the upgrades, I couldn't be happier. Well, I could be, I could be on those roads!
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OK, thanks. Actually, I used to live in Truckee, north side of the lake so am more familiar with lodgings there. Thanks, again. This looks and sounds great. Of al the places I have lived, I miss Truckee/Tahoe the most.
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