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Halifax Riders Need help


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Hi Riders, I'm in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on a motorcycle trip. My clutch cable just snap. Can't find one near by and everything is or will be closed this long weekend. Is anybody have a spare clutch cable to sell???
Anyone with a good idea?
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a universal replacement from any bike, quad or snowmobile dealer
They are all closed until Tuesday. (Labor Day holiday on Monday).
We manage to find a home hardware shop with steel cable and industrial cable end. We are back on the road. But Yamaha Canada will hear from me that's for sure.
Bike is a 2015 with 25k km on it. Have been lubed at 10 and 20k km.
It broke at the end of the metal elbow opposite site of the clutch handle. We can't see it in preventive inspection.
Keep an eye on yours.
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I have a spare under the seat - I don't want to get caught out in France where they have more bank holidays than most and then bridge them with extra days off...
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