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New Member. FJ-09 2015 - 9400 KM


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Loving my FJ-09 and glad to be here on this forum!
Two weeks ago I did a 1200 (Est.) Mile trip from where I live in Victoria BC Canada to Eureka California and back. 101 (coastal) -> 36 (cali) -> 3 North (Cali) -> I5 North -> 101 (puegeot sound) -> Home
A few snaps. 
I did the entire trip in 4 days, 3 nights which I would not recommend to anyone.  It was a solo camping trip; I made mile and had many smiles.
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3 pictures??? (zzz)  Looks like a great trip....
Was the Uly with you?

"It doesn't matter who walks in, you know the joke is still the same"  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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Lol I admittedly didnt take very many photos, possibly around 12 or so non including duplicates. Those were mainly the shots that had the bike in it.
I only stopped where the Uly was and took a picture of the rider on the edge of the cliff.  It was such a wicked photo I should have left my email on his bike to send him the pic.
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