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Ride around Mt. Rainier today......


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Today, Phennig13 and I did a 200+ mile epic trek around Mt. Rainier. We started north of the mountain, and wound our way through a series of nice country highways, dodging the bicyclists on some sort of race around Kanaskat. We stopped in Enumclaw for gas, and found ourselves surrounded by 30+ motorcyclists wearing costumes. Never did figure out what they were doing, but we filled up and headed up the mountain on Highway 410.
We worked our way east and then south to highway 123 and then headed into the national park heading towards Paradise. For those not from the Pacific Northwest, thats an elevation gain of around 4600 feet. The road to Paradise Inn is famous around these parts for the twisties and more than a few sharp drop offs which might just take you back to 800 feet very quickly. 
We ended up coming out on the west side, and found some surprisingly fun roads heading back to Enumclaw and then back home. This was my second time around Mt. Rainier this year, and it didn't disappoint. It will soon be too cold (and icy) to ride up there much longer, but it certainly was a memorable day.
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Pics of the 30+ motorcyclists in costumes or it didn't happen.
Sorry, none taken, but phennig13 took video of the ride down the mountain. He promised to upload when he had a chance. 
You'll just have to believe me. You don't honestly believe I could even make something like that up do you?
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