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At the moment I'm researching for a change of bike. I've done over 100,000 miles on FJR1300 and XT1200Z, and looking to down size. I'm based in the UK so I'm looking at the MT09 Tracer in the local market, but having been in the FJ/FJRclub for over 10 years its nice to stick to the FJ name.
As I'm short in the leg the ground has often failed to meet my toes on these bikes and I've ended up lowering them. I'm interested in seeing whats been done on the front and back suspension to maintain the handling of the bike.  On the XT I lowered the back by 25 mm and dropped the front yokes by 13mm. I really needed another 2 mm on the front, but the XT forks taper in. Looking at the FJ there doesn't seem to be that problem  :D .
I wield spanners and, being a Yorkshireman, I try to do all things DIY and zero cost.
I'm fairly sure the FJ is the bike I'll move to, I'm just making sure.  ;)
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I'm in Reeth next week for a couple of nights if you want to meet up with someone who has ridden 15,000 miles on a Tracer since the spring of 2015.
Tracer is cheap to run but I'm wondering how you manage zero cost for DIY maintenance. Do you recycle the beef dripping used to make chips to use in the sump?
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Thanks Chaps!
Reeth, very nice part of the county. Some great roads and not too far from Tan Hill! Unfortunately I'm in South Yorks taking the step son to University. I've actually sat on a lowered Tracer and it fitted. Test rides are almost impossible, but comparing all the you tube vids , following several different riders  and evaluating it all seems very positive.
If you've got to spend you have to spend wisely with thrift. If you can make it for less and save a tank a fuel , thats an extra 200 miles of fun.  Beef fat is too specialist for the sump, its best between two slices of bread.
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