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Simple bike-to-bike signalling system


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I need a solution!
I spent a bunch of money on a Cardo system a couple of years ago, but it has a lot of problems: At speed the road noise is loud enough it won't shut off the mic; speaker fidelity is horrible; and sometimes it won't actuate when I yell into it as it should.
The solution I seek should be cheap and simple. I want a signaling device that lights up a light on my riding partner's bike when I throw a switch or push a button and that has a 1/4 mile range. The signal tells the person in front that the person in back needs to speak with them, so the leader pulls over. It needs to be a two way system.
Anyone know how I can go about getting/making one of these?
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The problem is going to be managing 1/4 mile of wires! :D
Ok, wireless then. :) This might be the start of your package (lots of DIY required), but I'm not sure it has 1/4 mile range:
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I've never even heard of Cardo before, I think Sena has eaten their lunch.
You can get a Sena SMH5 for just under $100 and I've never had a problem taking to my friends on one - we can even speak to each other with our visors open they're so good at filtering out wind noise.
They have buttons to manually start/stop intercom.
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or you can set up custom ring tones and just call them using your phone - when they hear the specific ring-tone, they will know to pull over. No answering required
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