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My 10K review


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IMHO Yamaha was very smart with the price point of the FJ09. The other brand that came close for me was the Kawasaki Versys 650 and the Kawasaki Versys 1000. Both good values, but the 650 didn't have the power and the 1000 was just boring. Granted, I sunk another three to four grand into accessories which put me close to the Triumph, KTM, and just under the BMW. The FJ09 motor sold me as well as it's just a blast!  I have an Ermax tall windshield with an Ermax windshield extension. At 5'11" I'm still experiencing some wind buffeting. I 'm fine with the stock suspension but I have no experience with better set ups as my other bikes are old school. So I guess in that regard ignorance is bliss. This bike is extremely nimble. So much so that if your not on your game this bike can bite you real fast. It will go where you look and if your distracted and look away this bike will drift fast. Not a cruiser at all! IMHO this is a great all around motorcycle and I'm glad I choose it for what I wanted in a new motorcycle. I'm up to 9200 miles on my FJ09 and it just gets better with every ride. Life is good...
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