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Your bike at a Diner

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The Fines Creek Cafe is not really a diner and I wouldn't recommend eating there but it's located on one of the best roads that I've ridden in North Carolina. I passed through there with 1moreroad while doing the Smokies Ride a few weeks ago.
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The Limeys do it right and have some very old diners to frequent, as is the Oark Cafe but Chances in Rochester, WI is as old as they get in these parts, as is Holy Hill in Hubertus, WI, which opened in 1843 and 1863, respectively.
And Holy Hill actually does have its own little diner and Chances has a bar up front and a dining room behind (plus a second floor dance hall with the wood planks supported on inverted wood leaf springs and sleepers so it absorbs the impact of happy feet so as not to disturb the guests in the hotel rooms; though the dance hall and hotel have been closed for decades since the stage coach line shut down). BTW, that's NOT me in the tabernacle but I thought my riding bud's T-shirt was appropriate for a "biker".
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And the spring and fall editions of the Slimey Crud Run to Leland, WI make the town one huge diner.
Back Yard Bikes / The General Store in LaGrange, WI also gets a special mention along with The Full Moon Cafe in Lake Bluff, IL.
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Also BTW, Adrian's does have food (if their sublime frozen custard is inadequate for you). Two Johnsonville hot dogs and a root beer float is my typical pit stop fare there; $5 even including tax.
Born to ride, work to ride, ride to eat (rather than drink alcohol as the region's predominant HD riders do).
This summer since July when I bought it new I've put 5,500 miles on the FJ and an equal number on the VTR, and gained 21 pounds. This madness has to stop! Snow and ice unfortunately soon enough will see to that.
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Keene Cafe (Keene, CA near Cesar Chavez Nat'l Monument)
- It closed just before I got there so I wasn't able to find out how keen the food was, but a couple of motorcyclists (BMW and a Harley) were leaving just as I rode up, and they seemed to like it.  I just liked the name and the look of the place.  Notice the "Motorcycle", and the "Harley Only" parking signs just behind my bike (I guess they're two different categories :^). 
Regis Cafe (inside the Regis Grocery in Red Lodge, WY)
- Good food and convenient place to eat just before riding up to Bear Tooth Pass.
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and this is how the British do a diner... 

That's awesome!  Would love to eat there.  Where is it?
Tissington in the Derbyshire Dales of England
tea room:
Village History:
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