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Anyone interested in the FZ-10?


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Guest reeseyboy
Completely different bikes and now on back order in the UK. My dealer doesn't have a demo anymore as they sold it a couple of weeks ago and their books are showing nothing until at least October. A friend ordered one at the end of May and it has just been delivered, he collects it today ready for a few days riding out with me tomorrow. I'm worried that if I ride it, I'll want it - I have too much in the Tracer to part-ex it now....
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Yes, I was interested enough to take a test ride. http://fj-09.org/thread/3790/mt10-test-ride - still have the Tracer.
Here's a real world ride report from a chap who has ridden from the UK to Spain - the trip is ongoing so check back for updates (assuming the thread is public, but it is free to register). http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php/435140-MT-Promises?highlight=MT10 - note the 700 mile day to get through France, but hehas fitted a comfort seat. The OE seat is a plank.
This signature is left blank as the poster writes enough pretentious bollocks as it is.
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I sat on a fz10 in the weekend and I really like it. If I had I pick another bike apart from fj09 it would be the fz10, well until the fj10 comes out. But the price here is a lot more than the fj09
Yes, in Canada there is a $4500 difference between the FJ and the FZ10. In the US I think it is only $2500. 
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....The OE seat is a plank.
...hehe, @admin must be one tough riding God ;) (no doubt about it, of course). I recall he said it was... "the best stocker that I have ever sat on" (rofl) . Goes to show just how subjective all these reviews and ride reports really are.
My butt thinks the FZ-10 seat is a huge improvement over the FZ-09 seat, a noticeable difference was felt. But hey, we all have different opinions and they are all welcome here and on fz10.org
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Did a FZ-10 Demo ride a couple weeks ago. Since it was an organized event the shop was taking about a dozen riders with each trip, and the trip consisted of a mixture of city / freeway with a couple nice curvy sections.
It’s a different fit than the FJ, but after a couple miles I was pretty comfortable on the bike. Good leg room and a nice balance even at slow speeds.
The motor is, in a word, amazing. Smooth, with almost bottomless power. Some testers have mentioned the lack of low end torque, but to me it felt at least as strong as the FJ. The motor in the FZ-10 makes the FJ seem like a Ninja 500, and I really like the triple in the FJ. It’s really that good. If there’s any downside I did feel the fueling was just a bit touchier than the FJ (I left it in STD mode for the ride). Not terrible, and I think it would smooth out over the first thousand miles or so.
The gearing is a bit on the high side. Early in the ride I was doing around 50 and realized I was still in 2nd gear, and the bike was just loafing. Since it only had a couple hundred miles on it I didn’t wind it out fully, but you don’t need to.
Didn’t have a chance to setup the suspension for each rider, but it still felt taught with a nice ride quality. There’s a small fly screen on the bike which is pretty effective on the highway. It’s not a touring bike, but is surprisingly comfortable on the highway especially with the cruise control (yay!).
All in all, a fun ride and the bike is incredible.
• Good comfort
• Fantastic engine, if you need more power than this you should be getting paid to ride!
• Nice ride, totally adjustable suspension
• Nice options including CC
• The passenger seat is a joke
• Didn’t like the grips, thin and rock hard, if I bought the bike I’d put on larger grips and probably heavier bar ends
• If I’m really reaching I’d say the styling, although it looks better in person, and I’m not overly wild about the colors, even though I like the gray with the yellow wheels much more than I thought I would
• From what I’ve read the bike only gets around 30mpg, can’t prove that from the ride I was on, but I will say it was the only bike that needed to be refilled before the test loop I took
Would I buy one?
Loved the test ride and the motor is incredible, but I wasn’t pulling the checkbook at the end of the ride. Really like the FJ, and for the riding I do it’s probable as good if not a better choice. That being said, if Yamaha releases an FJ-10 next year, especially in better colors, it would be a great upgrade!
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I don't know man, it looks pretty scary up front there. First thing that comes to mind is how I freaked out a car full of old ladies that were driving back from church up in NC a few weeks ago, and I was very gentle with them. If they had all of a sudden seen this thing coming up fast in their mirror they probably would have drove right off the side of the mountain. And it might scare the hell out of the livestock and a bunch of small children as well.
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