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First trip to the Dragon on the FJ


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Every year, I attend the Women's Sportbike Rally at Deal's Gap.  I usually go up for the entire week (even though the rally is just for the weekend).  I have been up there with a V-Strom 650 (my first bike), SV650S and my DRZ400SM.  The V-Strom was a beast going across the Dragon and I dreaded every trip (doesn't help that I have a lot of trouble learning on that bike and had lost my confidence).  The SV was fun, but I was still not there in comfort.  The DRZ is a blast on that road, but it's not great for going much further.  The FJ was a great ride.  Of course, everyone in my group wanted to ride it and they all loved it.  My bf scraped the center stand (due to his weight).  A friend took it 2 up with his wife to see if it was a future bike for them (it's not) and they also scraped the center stand.  For the first time in all of my years of riding, I came back across the Dragon and had no chicken strip left on my tires.  
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