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I'm Out Guys, My 2015 is Gone--Thanks!

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I had a 2014 FZ09 orange.  Cam chain issues until a revised unit installed, but I learned if I let the bike warm to 180 (oil thinning?) the noise went away at idle and under load.  I toured the bike with Givi side cases, hand guards, shield, etc.  Then I had a couple other bikes in and out, and got a 2015 FJ09. Put the OEM hard bags and grip heaters on it. It was an improvement over the FZ and loved the dash being same as the 2013 FJR I had!  I bought a 2017 Honda Grom a couple months ago, so it was FJ and the Grom.
I get bored easily with some bikes and I've decided I mostly ride in DFW area with no time to tour.  Just need to take a range bag to couple of local defensive pistol matches weekly, commute a couple times weekly, and have some fun on the weekends.  Thanks to everyone here for their help with the FJ!  I truly admire those here and other forums with visions for a bike that they see through.  I enjoy seeing the builds. Ride safe!
So in the last couple weeks I've gotten rid of these:
And I now have these:  I'm excited to have now my 3rd bike on the triple platform.  And I DO notice the acceleration difference between the XSR900 and the FJ, presumably due to weight, bags, shield. Those turn signals have to go!  Why couldn't they have at least used the signals from the Bolt since they took the tail light from the Bolt!?  
As for the R3, I think it's a suitable replacement for the Grom, since I decided I would not have time for the Grom as a boulevard bike with hooligan rides, errands, etc.  The R3 is buttery smooth and a nice change from the brutish XSR once in awhile.  And it will let me get on DFW highways when needed.
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I predict a very long life, and many bikes with the CP3 engine. :)
Of course, I hope Yamaha figured out the CCT eventually. :)
Then again, it will make manual CCT sales for a very long time too.
Nice bikes. I like the XSR. Had the FZ09, now FJ09, and I'm so tempted by the FZ10, but figure it will not be long before they have a FJ10... Oh, that's going to be nice if they do it, and do it right... Might have to "upgrade" to the 4... It's just a sound/smooth/power thing... But hey, the FJ09 is a dang nice bike that does it all very well.
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