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Had to make a quick IPhone mount


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Found a mounting hole available under the instruments. Bent a piece of aluminum and screwed my old iPhone 5 belt clip to it. Made a cover out of plexiglass, cut heated and bent till I could pop it on and off. Painted it all satin black.
This was last minute work because the wife suggested I take the last few days of vacation and go for a ride. The mount worked great 3 days 1300 miles with the dragons tail in the middle. If I bend the mount a couple of degrees forward I'll be able to use the camera and record video.
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It's just me. There are a lot of great accessories out there, but I enjoy making my own. Saves me money two ways. First, everything for this mount I had left over from something else. Second, when I'm working in the garage I'm not spending money on one of my other hobbies.
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