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Shorty windshield DIY


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I like the clean look! Not a big fan of the whole Transformer styling thing...good thing I can't see it from the saddle.
Is wind and buffeting a problem with the windshield and handguards removed?
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It's been a gradual transformation with the removal of all the stock stuff from the bars. I found the wind noise and buffeting to be extremely annoying with the stock handguard and mirror setup so I started to experiment and see how noisy it was without everything. That kind of snowballed into stripping more stuff off the bike. The windscreen was the last bit that needed to be addressed.
It's hard with the FJ09 to get away from the transformer styling I feel, so I figured why not embrace it? Haha. I was thinking about going taller with it and making it similar to a ktm 990, but I feel it's a potential safety/decapitation issue with it being made from aluminum. The plastic plate behind the windscreen is deleted with this setup and it's much more rigid. I used the bolts from the factory rear plate setup to bolt it directly to the adjustable arms. I hit it with a scotchbrite pad after bending it in my vise and still have to decide what color I'm going to paint it if at all.
My FJ09 is probably one of the more uncomfortable bikes on this site, but it's much more comfortable than the 690smc that it replaced. I don't mind the lack of wind protection; I just want my helmet to be in clean air mostly. 
I would have never ended up with an FJ09 if I hadn't crashed the KTM into a pole and bent the frame. The FJ09 is growing on me though. I'm still a bit bummed about that situation but I'll fix the frame and rebuild it eventually. It's a bike I was probably going to keep forever anyways. At least I walked away from it though.
 [video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne8Jjc-62uY]
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Sorry about the KTM, looks like that could have been nasty!
I'm still not entirely clear from your description: Is the wind noise and buffeting better or worse after removing the hand guards and windshield?
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I feel it's reduced since my helmet is in clean air now. It could have been my helmet choice (rf1200) and height just happened to be a bad combination.
It's nice for the warmer weather too. Pop your windshield off and give it a try to see if you like it.
I did get lucky with the KTM wreck; It could have been much worse.
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So, Prior, two Qs for you:
1. what pipe is that on the Tracer then?  looks nice, though down pipes suggest its running hot?  Bet it sounds nice too?
and, numero duo
2. Any chance you could share a template of that screen? (I'm smiling very sweetly)  :)
Honda SS50, Kawasaki Z200, Honda 400/4, Yamaha TDM900, Yamaha XT660Z Tenere, KTM 990 Adventure, BMW R1200GS, Mr Stevens, and my favourite of all: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer...a bit like FJ-09 only properly named :¬P
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The pipe is an Akrapovic titanium system. I changed the sticker on it and also run it without the baffle in.
The color of the stainless steel pipe is normal in my experience; it discolors more around the crossover tubes.
I'm running the stock tune so it's not ideal, but it runs great for me and I have experienced no issues so far. A flashtune setup is probably next on my list of modifications.
I also completely deleted the center stand and used the fz09 cast aluminum spacers in place of the center stand bracket. This makes the exhaust more visible of course and gives you better ground clearance. The center stand is the next thing that scrapes after the factory peg feelers. 
Here's a picture I took from the mock up. The dimensions I wrote on there are aren't completely accurate to the final product but they're only slightly off.
I ended up going a little smaller on the aluminum when I cut it out. You should be able to cut one out of lexan as well and use some heat to form the bends. You'd have to figure out a mounting interface that's got rubber bushings and some rigidity though. Perhaps you could reuse the metal support bracket that's behind the plastic windshield spacer plate. 
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