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FJ09 aux Switches


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Doing some modifications on my FJ this weekend and all the parts just came in. These upgrades include a flashed ECU by 2 wheel dynoworks in Washington (Great company) new led underglow lights, a couple led light strips and possibly a speaker system. I ordered a handlebar mount switch for the led strips and was making sure it would fit when I realized it looks like there are a couple of blank spaces in the control area for the turn signals, horn, and display. I was just wondering if there are any switches made to go into those holes? I'll take a picture of the holes I'm talking about, but they are directly to the right of the start switch. That would be a much cleaner look if possible.
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Super T and now the FZ-10. The FJ-09 left hand switch is about $77 (http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/yamaha/YP-2PP-83969-00-00.html); I paid less when a Pterodactylus-sized Sandhill Crane hit my Givi Touring shield and left mirror that spun its extension around which broke the rocker switch. The Super T switch is $154 probably due to the CC components, which possibly could be re-purposed for other functions. http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/yamaha/YP-2BS-83954-00-00.html
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