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Short, but pretty!


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Perfect Indian Summer day - mid-70's, bright sunshine, just a hint of a breeze. Took my favorite route back from town on the bike. It's a freshly paved back road between Franklin and Cherryfield, Maine. Very little habitation, lots of ponds and a hilly, twisty road.
Unfortunately, my cheapo "smart" phone has a mediocre camera at best so the pictures aren't too sharp. I'll take that ride again in a couple of days and take a real camera with me.
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Today was another perfect Fall day, so I took the Black's Woods Road ride again, this time with a little better camera. This picture pretty much sums up the entire ride: Hilly, twisty and colorful, on a freshly paved road.
A short side trip on the paved portion of a back road into Round Pond.
A shot of Tunk Mountain.  Doesn't take much to get labeled as a "mountain" in this part of Maine.
The road also runs along the shore of Fox Pond.  There are 3 or 4 other ponds just out of sight of the road and this road is jam-packed with pickups hauling boats most of the Summer.  
Not much color in this view, but the West end of the road runs along Hog Bay, which is salt water with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean via Frenchman Bay.
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