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Aloha from Santa Cruz, CA


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First of all, thank you to the entire forum for the wealth of knowledge/information that I have been lurking through before my purchase and after. I was a dedicated member at the r6-forumz.com in my younger days. I know what it means to have a knowledge base to bounce off ideas, collaborate with, or share opinions.
I purchased my FJ-09 less than a month ago from member ribbonguy via an ad I saw here. I'm uber excited to be have a fuel-injected Yamaha again. My first bike was an R6(2004) that was quite the experience. I ended up selling and getting a, self-limiting, Ninja 250 to commute on. Therefore the inner-bro in me is ecstatic to have a +250cc machine and the mature-dude in me is just as excited to have a long distance capable sport-tourer. Oh yeah, and my wife appreciates the (upgraded)comfortable saddle.
Figured I'd do a formal intro. I plan to contribute as much as I can here. Thanks again!
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Welcome to the board, glad to have you join us. I'm sure you will love the FJ-09, especially given your recent rides.....
Poke around, lots of good advice here, all worth exactly what you pay for it :)
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