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Hey, nice bike!

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Stopped at local grocery store today.  Worker on his way to collect carts says, nice bike!  I say thanks and start taking my helmet and jacket off to head into the store, but he wants to talk.  He tells me he has a Road King but is thinking of moving to a sport bike.  Ask me what I think of my "sport bike"?!  What?!
At this point I can't just move on.  I feel like he needs a motorcycle mentor.  I explain to him the difference between sport bikes and the FJ-09, as well as bring up a nakeds, standard, adventure, touring bikes.  I tell him to do some reading and stop at the local dealer and ask them what exist other than sport and cruisers.  It always amazes me the lack of knowledge out there for anything other than sport bikes and cruisers.
I feel like I need a new motorcycle rider starter kit in my top case for these situations.  Why is there so little knowledge of anything but sport bikes and cruisers?  And why does it bother me when other riders don't know. 
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"Motorcycle companies these days make big ADV bikes that are actually just tall tourers. Muster the courage to actually take one onto the dirt and you’ll be shocked at just how poorly they perform. You see JUMPS and SLIDES and ACTION in all the promotional material, but the reality is that it’s incredibly hard just to ride one down a dirt trail at walking pace."
2013 article "The Complete Guide to Motorcycle Categories" was well ahead of its time, and would be a good read for your parking lot buddy!
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Very true, like "Ford or Chevy?" like there's only two options!
...and they're always shown just slightly muddied (but enough chrome showing, or course), while confidently towing a compact ocean liner... somewhere in the middle of a desert. Every time I see that I think... I WANT THAT!! :D
I'm sure the owner would trade both for a shiny new "sport bike" like the FJ though! :D
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