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Sidi Canyon gortex boots 2 year review


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Sidi Canyon Gortex Boots link
I have owned these boots for two years. I use them for both street and dirtbike trails. I beat the heck out of them. I walk in them. I cross streams in them and ride in the rain.
Very comfortable once broken in. The ratcheting strap makes you lazy and spoiled. Seriously, nothing to fuss with, just click the button a few times to tighten, pull the quick release to loosen. The most genius shoe boot system ever. All shoes should have this.
Slapped a rock on the trail with my left foot doing 30 on my KTM and my foot was fine. Had to help retrieve a bike from a stream last weekend, stood in the stream for 20 minutes and not one drop of water entered the boots. Seriously!
If you are looking for protective boots that you can walk in, can ride off road, can keep your feet dry and are easy to remove after a long tiring ride, these are the boots.
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