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Andreani spring rates


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Hi all,
Hoping for some help, I have contacted Omnia Racing in Italy, I've read here that the cartridges come with one spring weight only.
My question,
I am interested in buying, " ANDREANI ADJUSTABLE HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE KIT FOR FORK YAMAHA MT-09 TRACER FJ-09 2014 14_ [105/Y07]".
My weight is 105 kgs, what spring rate will come with the kit?
Thank you,"
Their answer,
"For 105kg ohlins/andreani give us spring with 8.8/9.3.
You can give me the use track tour city, and we can do the best setup."
105 kgs = 230 lbs,
do these spring rates seem ok?
which is the better option? I'm thinking 9.3
Here in Aus the best price I can find is from Omnia, I have dealt with them before and had great service with no issues and if they will provide the correct weight spring in the price, that's a deal!
I'd be happy to buy Pattonme's modified cartridges but I PM'd him a couple of days ago and haven't heard back. 
Thanks in advance,
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I wouldn't go any higher than 0.95kg/mm == 9.3N/mm and think it would be better to go .925kg/mm = 9.0N/mm which is achieved by using one each of the 8.8 and 9.3s. So their recommendation is pretty much spot on.
If you are in USA, please consider buying from the official source (FastBike Industries) or if you want a nice discount, yours truly.
I don't know what happened to your PM @smifff, but it's not in my mailbox.
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The Andreani's are decent. I like them over stock but have struggled to find the sweet spot. At some point I hope to have the time and money to get some parts from pattonme to make them better as I have read good things about his work as well.
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Thread ressurection!

I have found some used Andreani cartridges locally but they have the 7.8 spring. I am almost 110kg with gear so probably need stiffer spring. Is it possible to replace the spring with a stiffer one from other manufacturer? Can I use some spacers to existing springs to add some preload?

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