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My DIY Pannier Racks

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I posted this in another forum I frequent, but because I like sharing images... I made some racks for my soft luggage. Soon the panniers will be bolted to the racks so I don't have to use those stupid velcro straps, and eventually the racks will be quick release and use the original hard luggage mounts.
I got some 1/2" aluminum rod and bent it to the rough shape in a vice. Used a propane torch to help the bends, but it was likely not needed:
Cut off the excess and I was really impressed that the ends lined up. When I was bending, I figured the bend spanned about an inch and just eyeballed it.
Got some 2.5"x0.25" bar and cut it down to 12" for each side. I wish I got 2" instead, but I think the 2.5" will work better for my future plans. Rounded off the corners with a file and drilled some holes.
Got some steel spacers from the hardware store to hold the bracket off the bike. These spacers will double as the hookup points for my elastic cargo net.
Welded it up.
Installed the bags.
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Looks like I'm late to the party but that looks amazing I was thinking of doing the exact same thing. Not sure if anyone is still monitoring this but do you think the 1/2" is just the right thickness? no thinner, no thicker?

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