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Clear codes


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HI I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to clear diagnostic codes? Can it be done without a dealer tool? Or will the codes go away on their own once there is no longer a fault?
What are the code #'s? Some will clear themselves, some can clear once the problem is corrected (69 code is problem with ABS front wheel sensor), and some need the "Gameboy" at the Dealer. Why are you getting codes BTW? 
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i tried installing a speed correction device and it gave me the 069 front speed sensor fault. If I disconnect the device and close the loop the code still remains.
Have you tried riding around a bit with that code on after unplugging the device? It should clear itself automatically.
That's what I thought would happen also, but both the ABS and CEL stay on and then after riding for about a minute the TCS light illuminates. 
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