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FJ-10 Forks on an FJ-09?

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Was looking at the new 2017 colors and got side-tracked to the FZ-10. The suspension seems like a serious upgrade and was thinking maybe they would fit on the 09?
2 bikes ago I had a 2007 FZ6 (the best model year of that model) and I pout some R6 forks on it. Major upgrade for less than major cash. In a year or 2 when lots of people have crashed their 10's maybe we could get a really nice upgrade on the cheap. 
Just thinking out loud, couldn't sleep. What do you think?
2015 Red FJ 09
2013 WR250R - little boy blue - sold
2012 DL650 V Strom - sold
2007 FZ6 - sold
1986 FJ600 - sold
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that's the inner tube diameter but you're likely right, the OD of the 'gold' bits is likely to be different. But I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't just swap guts and re-machine the fork caps to fit the FJ thread size if that was actually necessary.
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