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Low (no...) budget conversion for soft bags


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I don't tour or even take all-day rides much any more, so spending a grand or so on a set of hard bags and mounts doesn't make any sense.
However, there are occasions when I'd like to be able to tote more than my tank bag is capable of.
I came across a heckuva deal on a set of soft bags.  Yup, they're cheapies, but for occasional use, they'll be fine.  The bags just drape over the passenger seat with velcro straps, which means they flop around a lot.
Being A) seriously broke, B) cheap by nature and C) a dedicated tinkerer, I did a little surfing, stole a couple of ideas and came up with a way to brace things up with what I had laying around.
1.  Step One is to remove the tie-down points (or whatever they're called) on either side.  The socket head screws and spacers will be used to mount the bag braces.
2. Step Two is to cut out two pieces of aluminum plate. These are approximately 14 x 6 inches based on the size of the bags and what I had laying around. The plate is 1/8" thick. I used the tie-down brackets as a gauge to center punch the hole locations and drilled them out with an 11/32 bit.
4.  So, while they're not nearly as sexy as high-dollar set of hard bags, they're secure and more than adequate for occasional use.
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Several of us have made similar racks for the same reasons!  So welcome to the club!
While I still get out for overnighters, 3-4 day trips and one week long trip a year, I can't justify $1k either.  Several people have gone the gun/camera case option.  I may look into that as well.
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You could make up some pretty nice side cases out of some of the cheaper Pelican cases.

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