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Removing battery for storage


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It looks like our gorgeous Indian Summer is over.  40's and rain for a week and then it's most likely going to get colder.
I don't ride in the winter what with sand, salt and snow on the roads (plus the fact that I'm a wuss... ::)  ) so the bike will get tucked in the back of the garage for the winter.
I'm well familiar with the protocol for storing a bike.   I did check the owner's manual and it recommends removing the battery and storing it in a cool (but above freezing) dry place which is what I've always done. However, this is my first bike with a digital dash, hence the following question:
Does removing the battery affect stored information?  I'm thinking primarily of the odometer. 
And while I'm at it, another standard item for storage is to fill the tank to capacity and add a bit of fuel stabilizer.  With carburetors, I usually ran the bike long enough to get treated fuel into the bowls.  Is this useful/necessary on an injected engine?
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