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Tow Behind Trailers

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Anyone ever considered towing a small trailer behind the FJ? Not many options available for sport(ish) bikes out there that I can see. It might be nice to be able to bring more, on longer trips. These guys have a sport bike latching system (like the photo).... any others? Anyone with experience in the area?
When my dad wanted to take a trip through the western states with his 3 sons and 2 Honda 500cc Fours, he built his own trailer.   
The connection to the bike was a heim joint on the tongue mounted via a bolt to a homemade frame on the bike.  The trailer was a sheet metal fabricated box about 3.5' W x 5' L x 2.5' H.  Utilized 2 motorcycle front wheels and 2 rear shocks, one on each side, don't recall if suspension was independent.  The top had 2 sheet metal fabricated watertight doors that opened out to tabletops.  It towed nice and held all of our gear.
My dads welder buddy also built his own trailer a few years later to tow an 18' canoe full of camp gear behind his Suzuki 1100GS.  It worked like a champ so I was told.
That's all I got... YMMV.
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