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G'day from Downunder


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Hey all,
New guy from Oz. Not a wizard though :)
Got a new for me 2015 Red Tracer a few weeks back. Prefer to mod bikes to a level I like so I've done a few things (most transfers from my previous bike):
GPS – Mounted, electrical and audio connections
Grip Puppies (already had)
Rad Guard
Eastern Beaver 3 Circuit Fuse Block, 2 switched, 1 non switched (already had)
Hookup Power for BT and Music (already had bits)
Givi Rack/Topbox (already had topbox)
Levers: Adjustable, inc length
Skene Lights (already had)
Heated Grips (Yammie)
Snakeskin Tankgrip (was slidin' around a bit before)
Mirror Extenders
Number Plate Surround (who wants dealer ads on their bikes)
Ordered but still waiting on:
Vstream screen
Sargent seat
Godz, great bike but that seat!! I think it would be an improvement if Yamaha shaped a block of granite and padded it with concrete!
Anyway, coming off a Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V. Fantastic bike but as I'm riding far too much around Sydney traffic (ie can't go 500m between round-abouts/traffic lights/give way signs type of stuff) a lighter bike was needed. Tracer is light and nimble .. much better!
Initially thought a Crossrunner would fit better than the tracer .. then I rode one. It would have been a fantastic bike if it weighed 30kg less. Right now its feeling like the Tracer will be a long term keeper. She's beautiful!
Anyway, G'day from down under.
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Wow, we got something before the US? The 1200X has been here a while buts also a beefy bike .. weighs nearly as much as my Guzzi did.
The cost of our mandatory insurance (called a greenslip) here is based on the size of the engine .. going from the 1200 Guzzi to the 850 Tracer saves me about $300 a year just on that. Also got a $140 refund when I transferred the comprehensive insurance across to the Tracer. I do like the money I'm saving!
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