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For Sale:FZ/FJ-09 Hindle Exhaust and Quickshfiter

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FJ-09 / FZ-09 Full Hindle Exhaust and ftECU quickshifter kit standard shift for sale at a discounted price, message us for details! Need an ECU flash? Buy either and get the ECU flash for $289!!!
Hindle Full Exhaust - $619 shipped
Installed to create the tune then uninstalled. It will fit on a FZ 09 or a FJ 09.
You need a 1/2" spacer if you want to retain your center stand for the foot peg. Comes with all hardware and hanger.
ftECU QuickShifter Kit - $219 shipped 
ECU direct quickshifter, works flawlessly, activated by the ecu flash!
Both are discounted a good bit, plus get the discounted ECU flash to go with either that you purchase. 
http://fj-09.org/thread/4445/fj-09-hindle-full-exhaust Here's the results of the flash with the Hindle system. 
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