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Stock re-use tail tidy.


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I did a tail tidy using the stock yamaha parts. I will post a link to a video soon.
-Take off the rear passenger seat
-Unclip the three wires that go to the signal lights and the taillight(I labeled each wire and it's matching wire with some masking tape to ensure I didn't mix them up when reinstalling)
-undo the four locknuts
-drop the wires out and remove the rear license plate bracket
-Disassemble the long metal bracket from the license plate assembly (four black round screws)
And remove the plastic wire retainer that holds the wires tight to the brackets underside.
- I bought 4 -2" long 6mm stainless bolts
-4 stainless fender washers (fender washer just has a larger outside diameter)
-4 stainless lock washers
4-nylon spacers 1" long ( you could use aluminum as long as the inside diameter of the spacer is 6mm)
I found these at a local hardware store.
The nylon spacers hold the licence plate bracket away from the underside of the pillion so the plastic shroud doesn't get crushed when bolts are tightened.
-The bolts and washers drop in from the topside.
-the nylon spacers slide onto the bolts from the underside.
-then the bolts thread into to threaded holes on the licence plate bracket.
**** see info below
Tighten it all down and it will be solid as a rock.
I also removed the metal bracket that holds the cheesy reflectors on the side of the bracket.
****I had to re drill the two of the four holes under the passenger seat to make them closer together ( the two closest to the front of the bike)
I thought the holes would line up perfectly but they don't !
It's like yamaha does this on purpose so you have to buy an aftermarket tail
I also had to dremel out some of the plastic around the relocated bolts so the plastic liner tray can sit flat. ( This gets covered by the tool kit)
Hope it helps. I'll Post a video link soon.
Read more: http://fj-09.org/thread/220/fj-today?page=5#ixzz3RCkjCA9i
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What a coincidence! I was just gonna post about the effectiveness of the "Lewis mod".
Went through some wet stuff today, and I was worried that moving the tail piece back may be too much and spray water up onto my tailpack or my jacket. Nope, with the license plate holder flip it provides just enough protection! Undertail required some cleaning, but not a speck on my bag!
I didn't use the spacers you used Vango, but thought about it. May go back and do it sometime. Works good for now. ;)
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Very nice, Vango, that's the way Yamaha should have made the tailpiece at the factory! My only concern is with fitment issues if you have panniers. It would be nice if someone else who has panniers has done this mod successfully.
This kinda reminds me of the "footpeg mod" that was done on V65 Sabres using only the stock bits. You simply swap the footpegs from side to side and turn them so the rubber side is where it should be. This mod gave the rider about 1" more legroom, didn't need any extra parts or any drilling, and the cost was absolutely free except for the time it took to do it, about 15 minutes.
I just LOVE free, effective mods!!
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