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New member, possibly new FJ-09 Owner?


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Good Evening,
If you will permit a bit of a back story.  I currently own a 1994 VFR750F, my childhood dream bike.  I have had it since 2004.  It has 88,000 miles, though I've only put 8,000 on it.  I took it for a ride, after unfortunately sitting for about a year, and it died of an as yet un-diagnosed electrical issue.  It is my baby and I'll never get rid of it.  But I really want to get a new, more reliable, safe, 21st-century bike.  After returning the U-Haul trailer there was a BMW dealer across the street.  On a whim I test rode a R1200RS.  I loved it.  Talk about state of the art.  It has 8,000 miles on it, crash bars and bags...and $15,500.  That is the challenge,  that is a steep amount for me...enter the FJ-09.
First and foremost, my interest is in having something that is somewhat unique, that has its own style, sound, character.  Something not everyone rides.  Something a bit less "sport" for my aging 46-year-old body, but not THAT much.  Something I can throw bags on and hit the mountains, the highway, the commute.  I ADORE my VFR for the motor, the sound, the...well, its a (and I'd say the best generation) VFR!  Only the, now deceased, Triumph Sprint ST, fueled my fires as much, but it was...quirky.  The above mentioned R1200RS hits the nail on the head, but whew, $15k...SOOOOO...
The FJ-09 has a triple (SWEET SOUND I presume), the pipe is nicely compact and unobtrusive, it has all the 21st-century safety/performance bells and whistles I need (ABS, traction control, fly-by-wire, etc), it can be had with saddlebags, though I'm told they are "meh" for size, and ease of use.  So, I guess why I am here is to get input as to whether this can meet all the same "visceral" desires I want from a bike, like my VFR and the R1200RS do...but at half the cost of the BMW?  I will never sell the VFR but now I can take time to get her back into prime condition.
One question I have, have there been any significant changes between 2015 and 2017?  I prefer the 2015 matte black/grey look, and they can be had new, but I wondered if there were in teething pains, fixes, or upgrades made since then?
So, I apologize for the lengthy email but I look forward to any insight.
P.S. I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.
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