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New FJ-09 Owner


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Hello Fellow FJ-09'ers,
I just bought a 2015 FJ-09 from a non-Yamaha dealer with 2300 miles on it. I have no idea why someone would trade this bike in with such low miles.
This is my first Yamaha. Can you tell me what to expect as far as reliability, common modifications, and real world MPG's?
I pick the bike up this Saturday and I can't wait for my first ride.
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I plan on installing an APE cam tensioner just to be safe. Dont know much about the shifter shaft issues, but I will look into it.
Does the bike have any major known issues? What are common upgrades and their benefits....power commander, brakes, etc?
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Ride it for a whilst then decide which bits to change as we all have different priorities. I find the brakes fine for riding solo with luggage. Use the rear brake to a) improve stopping power b) reduce the load on the front suspension.
Make sure the chain is not too tight.
I changed the screen - search here as there are dozens of options from attacking the OE one with a saw to a barn door from Yamaha. Darker ones look better.
Loads of luggage options - Givi is good and they sponsor Cal Crutchlow.
I find the performance adequate. Fuelling is okay, just about but can be improved. An ECU flash is recommended by many rather than a power commander.
My arse demanded a different seat - several options. I chose the Bagster as a) it was ready before anyone else and b) made in Europe so I didn't get fleeced by the Sargent/Corbin fanciful notion on exchange rates nor pay import duty. Bagster seat is good.
I've done 16,500 miles and I have not had any breakdowns - clutch cable still intact, CCT not noisy. Gear shifter mod (blue dot on the end of the shaft indicates it has been done) done. Commuting, Sunday rides and three trips across the Channel to mainland Europe.
Just calibrate your expectations as @piotrek says, remembering the price you paid. Lots of giggles for your $ or £.
A 1000 miles a month gave me an excuse to buy another bike to spread the load. New bike cost 50% more than the Tracer/FJ. Of course it is a lot better in many areas as the components are from the top drawer with Brembo brakes & Bosch fuel injection on the list. It would be the Tracer/FJ that stayed if I had to become a pauper with 1 bike due to its all round ability, low running costs, expected reliability and longevity.
This signature is left blank as the poster writes enough pretentious bollocks as it is.
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What are common upgrades and their benefits...

Mirror extenders: so you can actually see past your elbows fuelling gizmo (Kev mod): reduces on/off throttle jerkiness at lower revs

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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Congratulations on the purchase of a great bike! I have nearly 20,000 miles on mine and enjoy every minute of it. Here's what I recommend:
1. Mirror Extenders: The best and cheapest mod you can make. Actually make the mirrors useful for about $30 bucks or less.
2. ECU Flash: Had mine done at 2 Wheel Dynoworks in the Seattle area but its a Flash Tune product so go to ftecu.com to find a dealer near you. Totally worth it.
3. Try the windshield and the seat for a while to see how you like them. I'm fine with the stock windscreen but others aren't. I had a local upholstery shop add foam to the seat and it made it perfect without the expense of a custom seat (which many here seem to hate the moment they install them almost as much as they hate the stock seat.) So try the cheap seat solution first.
4. Givi crash bars: Look great on the bike. Hope I never need them.
I have had Yamaha's since the 1960s(!) and find them extremely reliable. Enjoy!
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