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Graphene Coated Helmet


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A motorcycle helmet coated with graphene (a single layer of carbon atoms), with superior thermal and strength properties has been announced for sale. Another step in safety and comfort improvement, especially when it becomes less expensive and more available, like most technical improvements I guess. And graphene is a neat substance that will change a lot of things in the future.
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Graphene is certainly an amazing material. I think if we can get it to do the things we want it to do, then it could revolutionize a number of markets. So far, the barrier has been in the cost of production in large quantities without degrading the quality of the layers. I'm really excited to see its development in motorcycle products!
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I'm looking forward to the first computers you wear as clothes. Just etch the entire motherboard/CPU and other stuff right onto the shirt you wear, or better, a cap with a HUD display option.
In theory, you would be the power source for what you are wearing. ;)
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