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Uhg, another new guy.


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Hello FJ-09 community!
I just purchased a brand new (leftover model) 2015 FJ-09 the day before yesterday (black Friday).  I almost pulled the trigger on the Tiger 800 Xrx, but couldn't pass up the price of the FJ-09 on sale.  I've previously owned a 2015 Triumph Street Triple, a 2007 KLR650 and a 1972 Yamaha U7E.  Go ahead, look that last one up and laugh! It was my first motorized ride.
So yeah, I'm just another middle aged guy in the Atlanta, GA area and I'm excited about putting some miles on a new motorcycle.
Robert Superfist
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Thanks for the welcome guys.
Yes, the Tiger 800 was definitely a little smoother and more refined with a little more comfort. But, the FJ sounds SO much better and has noticeably more power. Besides, a little rough around the edges is more fun than perfect refinement.
Duhs10 - I'm on the Northeast side. I'm hoping to ride some of the north GA roadways in the spring. Though, I'll probably have the 600 mile service done by January. Gotta love the extended southern riding season.
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