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Hello from Serbia


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Greetings from Novi Sad, Serbia! Just got my new 2016 Tracer in Race Blue. Had a test ride in late October, thought I was late to get the bike in the color I wanted, but then there was this mid December shipment and here it is! Enjoying it so far, despite the cold winter here. Looking forward to ride it again during winter, at least when the roads aren't icy.
Have been reading this forum for a while and it helped a lot with the bike choice. Already riding Honda NC750X and really love that bike, but couldn't pass on the Tracer. Cheers!
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Welcome!  I just got my candy red FJ a week ago, and we have snow on the ground. 
Oh well, now is a good time for getting it set up and any mods you have planned.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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