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Galfer Wave Rotors: Buy front pair, get rear for FREE!!

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The title pretty much sums this up. Buy a pair of Galfer front wave rotors, get the rear for free! Promotion will run for the month of February - save $144 and get the bike ready for spring.
Simply add two front rotors and one rear rotor to your shopping cart, use the coupon code GALFERFZ09, and that's it.
Galfer makes some really fantastic rotors that have been copied and knocked off many times over. Don't settle for cheap imitations when it comes to your brakes! Galfer's patented wave design ensures that the pad surface is in constant contact with the wave/slot to maximize airflow for superior cooling. These rotors are also lighter than OE rotors - reduced unsprung mass to improve handling and reduce gyroscopic forces for quicker steering transitions. If you're going to be seriously (ab)using your FJ's brakes, these will stand up to the punishment. PERIOD! They feature additional buttons for better heat transfer to the rotor carrier and wheel. Check out our Build Thread for detailed background information on these.
For more details, see here: 14+ FZ-09/FJ-09/XSR900 Front Galfer Wave Rotors | StoltecMoto

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