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Aussie MT-09 Tracer thread....

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thanks first to Cruizin for creating this regional section board!
So, hopefully Australia will soon be getting a delivery of this fantastic new bike! I'm probably not the first in line, but it'll be close.
I noticed on the Yamaha Global website under the product search section of motorcycles, if you search for "MT-09TRA" for model & select "AUS" under location, you get to see the versions and differences of what should become available for Aus.
The differences are the indicators are clear with amber bulbs and there are no front amber reflectors, only the red rear ones on the side..... They are coming off first thing! The Matt Grey does not have bronze coloured rims....
I'll be getting mine at Peter Stevens in Ringwood. I've got a good relationship with Adrian the sales consultant. Nice bloke. He's chasing up the price of the heated hand grips including fitting for me. Also, the OR Costs if it's included.
RRP including GST is: $14,999.00 comes with panniers & centre stand as standard.
Who's next?
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G'day Steve
Yes great to see a dedicated Oz Section and thanks from me also to Cruizin for setting it up.
I've been on this site heaps since I discovered it about a month ago and I suspect we will get a lot more locals joining in once the Tracer becomes available here in the next month or so.
I think there might be a lot of interest in this bike given the response I got over the weekend when I mentioned it's specs to some riding mates of mine.
I reckon an OR (on road or out the door) cost of $15k including bags will be very well priced in our market.
Please keep us updated on your eventual OR cost, especially if you score anything extra like heated hand grips.  You're lucky you have access to a large market in Melbourne with access to lots of dealers.  Unfortunately, here in Canberra there is only one dealer, but if he is too over the top with pricing it is always easy to just go up the road to Sydney (700klm/300mi round trip :)).
Or, if somebody in Melbourne like your mate Adrian can do a special deal then there is always that option too!
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G'day Mick,
mate, this is going to be a ripper machine!
Yamaha Aus has just completed a 2 day press review up your way...Wollumbi I think, the only Australian online press test I have found is cycleonline.com.au! It's a short test, but he gives it a thumbs up!
Mick buddy, i will find out very soon what it's going to cost me, anytime you're ready, head down here and well get a better deal!
I'm waiting on the cost of the heated grips & fitting plus the OR costs. RRP is 14,999 includes those hard bags, centre stand and whatever we see standard from our OS brothers & sisters.
I know for a fact our indicators are clear lenses with amber bulbs. Naturally, LEDs will be extra.
I'd say all up, about $16.5K ride away.
If you would also like heated grips, we'll get them to throw those in! It's our Aussie group buy version!
Either way, keep us posted & good luck, enjoy the ride!
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  • Premium Member
I keep checking for a pdf of the owners manual on the Aussie site, but nothing yet. If you see one, please post the link as I know they are normally posted there.
A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
2015 FJ-09, Seat Concepts seat cover and foam, Cal Sci medium screen, rim stripes, factory heated grips, Cortech Dryver tank bag ring, Modified stock exhaust, FlashTune with Graves fuel map, Cree driving lights, Aux power socket.
2012 Street Triple type R (Wifes)
2007 FJR1300 (Sold!)
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Ulewz, make that both eyes!
The YMA website is so old now, it's time they updated it to match the euro & NA websites!
Anyway folks, I've placed a deposit on a Matt Grey MT-09 Tracer here in Aus with heated handgrips. Since it's so new, no discounts, but fitting of said grips thrown in!
Ride away price......AUD$ 16,300. It hurts, but the pain will ease with saddle time.
It's great to be finally part of the fraternity!
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
Here in sunny Brisbane - where it's beautiful one day, perfick the next - the new bike is being offered at 'about' $16,500 ride-away (i.e., that includes registration), but the dealer "will deal". Said it could come down to $15,900 - I reckon on $15,700, which is still a pretty fair price for what may be a great bike, incl panniers.
Hope to have a test-ride soon - it's simply been too hot recently to go out on the road.
This looks like the beginnings of an excellent owners' Forum, so I hope to join you all in due course.
Just come off a BMW R1200 R Classic, before that alternated with R's and GSs.   But now looking for something a little lighter in weight, but maybe just a tad more responsive to ride, as even nudging 76 y.o as I am I still do enjoy my long-distance touring: just back from a 5,700km trip down to, around, and back home from, Tasmania.
Red for me!
Lawrence of Suburbia
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;)Welcome Lawrence!
that is a good deal!
I didn't haggle since it is just release here in Victoria.
Wow, you are a keen chap! 76 still fighting fit! This bike will be perfect for you! That's the beauty about this bike, it's very light for what it is. Sure, the Multistrada is lighter, but also costs a bomb!
Good luck, tell us all about it! Going to Tassie again?
Perfect! I can visualise you tearing along Lake Plimsol road!
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hey everyone. I just plonked a deposit on a Tracer today and looking like I'l take delivery in the next coming days (I've already seen the bike on display). Ordered the factory heated grips and a tail tidy so just waiting on the dealership to confirm the parts availability.
Looking forward to spending some time on the bike and hearing your updates!
PS - as it was new they were reluctant also to negotiate. I got the bike down to 15800 + 15% off the parts
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
Thanks, Steve: in Tassie the road out of Queenstown heading east, over Lake Burbery, is the best for me! I once rode across the causeway there, turned round, rode back for many ks, then turned around again - such a great piece of highway!
This last trip to Tassie was the fifth time I'd been there on a motorcycle: for it is truly said that when God had finished making the motorcycle he needed to make the perfect place for it - and so he created Tasmania.
Hoping to take the test-ride soon, but it's still too hot up here - today (Tues 17th) 32degC, = 90F!
[em]L of S ('39 model)
Outer SE Brisbane
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[span style=font-size:10pt]but it's still too hot up here - today (Tues 17th) 32degC, = 90F![/span]
90 is too hot ehh...i was riding in 100F last weekend and as long as your are moving with the jacket open slightly...it isnt soo bad.  HAHA
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
Well yesterday (Thurs March 19th, and the third week of autumn) it was 35C here (=95F). 73% humidity is commonplace; this past summer has been diabolical for the extended combination of high temps and high humidity! I think Floridians refer to it as '90/90' (90F heat, 90% humidity). Very debilitating. No wonder we see so many bikers and their (usually girl) pillions riding with short-sleeved or tee shirt: shorts: no gloves: runners on feet! Even long-term native are becoming restless - and exhausted! It becomes a pain even to try to pull on the helmet, as the wet and sticky forehead won't allow it to slip-on easily enough! Aaaarrrggghhhhh!
But winter looms - the best few riding months of the year, strange as it may sound!
L of S
Brisbane, Queensland
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
I have not yet taken a test-ride on an MT-09 Tracer, although the bike is awaiting me at the nearby dealership: just gotta get a cuppla other pressing things off my plate.
I have been a long-time BMW rider, with my last (of four) R1200 Rs departing my garage just a few days ago. Some R1200 GSs have also been in the stable at one time and another, as well as a short-lived BMW F800 GT which suited me very much in terms of being lighter, lower, and very ‘flickable’, but which was greatly underpowered (IMHO) in contrast to a 1200cc boxer twin, and therefore not as satisfying to ride.
The GSs have been my favourites over many years, but alas increasing age and accompanying loss of flexibility in hips and knees – and elsewhere! – make them no longer suited to my ageing and decrepit frame.
The Tracer seems to offer some of the lower weight I’m looking for, in terms both of when on the bike and when shoving it around in the garage, and some decent, if not outright rewarding performance, especially in acceleration from its three-cylinder engine, which is where the GT let me down.
If the Tracer test-ride fails to satisfy I’ll be taking a very keen interest in BMW’s upcoming S1000 XR sports-tourer, here in early May. Like the Tracer’s relationship with the MT-09 sports-bike (FZ-09), its origins are in a sports-oriented predecessor, BMW’s S1000 S, but reportedly with improved touring-slanted ergonomics and some important tweaks to performance and capabilities. Like the Tracer, it has chain final-drive, unlike the shafts on my previous boxer twins. The XR also has cruise-control fitted (no doubt as a costly extra), which I’d find useful given my extended-touring preferences.
The cost of the panniers-included Tracer here is AUD$15,700 or thereabouts ride-away, which is very appealing, I have to say. A similarly-equipped XR will probably be priced at anything from AUD$22,000 to $24,000, and I note that a new R1200 R with liquid-cooled engine runs to about AUD$26,000 if fully optioned. That’s too much!
I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and for some time it has been evident that BMW is pricing its two-wheeled offerings too high, excellent though they may be in many regards.
The Tracer may in some ways be built down to a price given its impressive on-paper specifications, while in comparison the BMW may be a little more 'refined', but time will tell. Certainly, eyeballing the Tracer with very close attention all over I have not been able to see where shortcuts may have been taken in either design or execution, except perhaps in the crappy afterthought cross-member that sits awkwardly on top of the rear passenger grab-rails.
So I will have some interesting comparisons and decisions to make in the near future!
Stay tuned, if you wish.
Lawrence of Suburbia [em]('39 model)[/em]
SE Queensland
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