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Hi Paul, congrats to you! You must be hanging out waiting.....
It will be interesting to see how the UK bikes are packaged compared to Australia? I think we get the full Monty that includes the panniers. Are all the colours available there?
Enjoy it mate!
yes all three colours are available  
 i was going to purchase the silver one it  looked great on the net   however in the flesh it  looks a bit odd with its  blue forks   (just a mater of taste i suppose) British version dose not have luggage that's an add on   
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Guest brianwindmill
Hi all i live in the west midlands like everyone else brought a matt gray one for the 1st of march. Happy riding & keep safe to everyone. Have to meet up some time in the future
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Greetings from Belgium. I ordered th race blu  :o  Like the look of the silver one and the bleu wheels. Maybe i wrap the forks black, dont know yet. I ordered mine on feb 7th and have to wait for delivery end of april or beginning of may  >:D
. Welcome to the European forum
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